Saturday, March 30, 2019

A Prayer for a New Work

My Heavenly Father, I still remember the first sermon I heard at Emmanuel 'Come To Bethlehem', a sermon directing people where Jesus was - where salvation could be found.  The sermon was filled with scripture, and truth -  and was a blessing to my soul.   How wonderful it was to be surrounded by fellow believers, in the worshipping of God in spirit and truth.   Thank you for these wonderful memorizes.    

Father, we know that a church where there is faithful preaching is the most effective means of reaching people with the Gospel. Enable us this week to make progress on planting a church in the Whippany/Morristown area.  Please help us to remember it is only by thy power that your church is built - whereby we beseech thee that in this area they glory would shine.

Lord, what the enemy means for evil against this effort, we believe You can use for good. Remind our hearts of this. When we are being attacked and crushed from all sides, remind us of Your faithfulness to use everything for Your good and Your glory.

We pray all this in the name of the One who asks for the voiceless, who seeks out the lost, who stands at the door and knocks.  Lord Jesus. Amen.