Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed...

About Emmanuel Church (A Brief History):

Emmanuel Church was formed on October 17, 1927 with the congregation meeting in a storefront building in Morristown, NJ. Two lighted signs were placed in the windows of the storefront which read: "Jesus, He Shall Save" and "Emmanuel God With Us." Church officials were elected by the congregation and the first pastor was installed. At that time, without the use of a horse or a car, the pastor would walk up and down the hills of Morris County in all types of weather conditions to visit and minister to members. 
Emmanuel (1927)

Later on the church bought a house at 33 Maple Avenue in Morristown and converted it to a church and manse.  In 1970 they moved to Whippany, at the corner of Park Avenue and Whippany Road until 2015.

About Emmanuel Church (Today):

Sorry to say - a little over a year ago, Emmanuel Presbyterian's congregation in Whippany NJ voted to disband.  When I heard the sad news,  I was heart broken. I felt like a good friend had died. Last weekend I was going to the Morris County Library and had to pass by the property.   No building is left - only a mound of dirt. :(

Why am I so sad?  You see I grew up in Whippany, my wife and I were married in this church in 1992, my children were baptized in this building, and I was a member and a ruling elder for many years.   Sadly there are condominiums presently being built where this wonderful church facility stood. 

My Purpose of Keeping this Website Alive:

I can not get my mind around the idea that Emmanuel Church no longer exists.  I can not accept that its history will be lost and it's pastors and people -  not remembered.  I feel as if this online presence is a small tribute and a place holder for a future church work. 

I do request your prayers.  I do not believe God is done with Whippany or the Morristown area.   I pray that God would once again display His glory and restore what has been lost.  I would like the testimony to be, we were  "Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed..."  

I would ask if anyone has a like desire, to contact me via email - that we can meet together and pray for the return of this once beloved church in Whippany. 

In future posts I would like to share pictures, sermons and memories about this church.  So stay tuned.....

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